Confirmation Daily Office November 21

Daily Office November 21-??

Years pass, until the Egyptians have no memory of Joseph. In fact, the Isrealites become slaves in Egypt. They are very numerous, however. Pharaoh doesn’t like this, since the country seems to be overrun with Israelites (too many of them!). So, he orders that all the newborn boys be thrown into the Nile to drown. One family goes to some extra measures to preserve the life of their son, Moses.

– Exodus 2:1-11

Moses grows up in the house of Pharaoh, just like one of his kids. Eventually, he learns the truth of his ancestry. Later he kills an Egyptian worker in a fight. Fearing for his life, he runs away. Eventually he find himself sitting by a well. There he meets his future wife (surprise, surprise!). Later on, while looking after his father-in-law’s sheep, God speaks to him with an extraordinary calling.

– Exodus 3:1-12

– Exodus 3:13-22

– Exodus 4:1-17

To fill in the story of Moses, please watch The Prince of Egypt together.

– What are some things you expected or remembered?

– What are some things that surprised you?

Once they are free from Egypt and in the wilderness, the people complain to Moses about the lack of food in the area. God provides.

– Exodus 16:13-36

While in the wilderness, God forms the Israelite people into a nation, complete with a code of law. At the center of it all lie the Ten Commandments.

– Exodus 20:1-17

After some time, they come to the borders of Canaan, the land that God promised to Abraham long ago (remember that?). They send out a few spies to check the land out, but they come back with different reports.

– Numbers 13:1-24

– Numbers 13:25-33