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October 15 – Sola Fide

We are often uncomfortable with gifts given. We want to be able to earn them of pay for them. When it comes to our right relationship with God, no amount of effort I’ll suffice. Even to try would cheapen the gift. All that is required is simple faith, simple trust, taking a Jesus at his word when he says, “given for you.” Luke 8:22-25

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October 8 – Sola Gratia

We are often uncomfortable with gifts given. We want to be able to earn them of pay for them. When it comes to our right relationship with God, no amount of effort I’ll suffice. Even to try would cheapen the gift. All that is required is simple faith, simple trust, taking a Jesus at his word when he says, “given for you.”  John 3:16-17

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October 1 – Sola Christus

Just as children are tempted to use good behavior to get something from their parents, we are often tempted to try to manipulate, or communicate through a third party to gain God’s love. This sola reminds us that because of Jesus, we can freely enter the throne room. He alone is our model. John 14:1-10

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September 24 – Light

Jesus says that his followers are the light of the world. The nature of light is that it drives away darkness, it is more powerful than the darkness. We are sent to bring light into dark places; not for ourselves but for the sake of others; not our personal light, but God’s light.  Matthew 5:14-16

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September 17 – Salt

Jesus says that his followers are the salt of the earth. Salt has a way of enhancing the flavor of foods. It’s not bunched together, it is spread out. Followers of Jesus are scattered in the salt of the Holy Spirit to point to the joy and beauty of life and of Christ.  Matthew 5:13

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September 10 – Yeast

Yeast, when worked into dough, causes the dough to rise. It transforms the dough, so that it becomes a very different kind of bread than it would have been. That process also takes time. Followers of Jesus are sent into the world to be laborers, transforming the communities in which we live, working for justice, quality of life, peace for all people.  Matthew 13:33

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Here’s a link to the bread recipe that pastor mentioned, from Artisan Bread In Five Minutes A Day. (And by the way, he didn’t find it on his own, Lisa originally showed it to him!)



September 3 – Imitating Jesus

Scripture teaches us to imitate Jesus, to learn his way of life. A simple triangle is a picture reminding us to live Up, In and Out, like Jesus did. Lutherans often struggle with Out. Jesus gives us a few more pictures to understand what Out is supposed to be like. (The next three weeks will cover that)  Luke 6:12-19

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Here’s a link to the video of the baby.



August 27 – Pentecost 12

Jesus asks the 12 who people say he is. Then he asks them who they say he is. He is the Christ/King. Who do people say Jesus is today? What do our lives say about who he is? What does it cost us?  Matthew 16:13-20

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August 20 – Stories from Malawi!

Scott McKellar shares some of his experiences with children, teammates and the Holy Spirit while on his mission to the Passion Center in Malawi. The pdf file contains the slides from his talk.

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Scott Malawi 2017 Mission slideshow

Check out the website for the Passion Center for Children.


August 13 – Pentecost 10

In fear and discouragement, Elijah comes to meet with God. God does not speak to him through wind, fire, or earthquake, but in “a sound of sheer silence.” That same God meets us in Jesus, who responds to our fear and discouragement with his gentle strength.  1 Kings 19:9-18

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August 6 – Pentecost 9

We are often tempted to go it alone, even though Jesus stands ready. When we give what we have (however little it seems) and follow his lead, Jesus is able to turn our meager offering into a blessing that flows through us and beyond us. He even makes us a blessing to others.  Matthew 14:13-21

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July 30 – Pentecost 8

What is the Kingdom of Heaven like? A little bit goes a long way. It’s worth everything we have. It’s where all evil will be removed. Fortunately for us, the price has already been paid. Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52

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July 23 – Pentecost 7

How are we to understand the suffering and evil in the world? If the earth is the Lord’s, if Jesus is King, then why is there so much? Jesus gives an explanation in this parable, along with the assurance that there will be a day when all suffering and evil will come to an end.  Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

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July 16 – Pentecost 6

God’s word will accomplish God’s purpose. God’s promises will be fulfilled. We can be assured of this even when all indicators are to the contrary. Meanwhile, we can take steps to receive it well.  Isaiah 55:10-13, Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

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July 9 – Pentecost 5

Jesus reminds us of the importance of having the receptivity and dependence of a child. When we come to him in that way, we can receive help with our burdens from the one who knows how to carry them.  Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30

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July 2 – Pentecost 4

The teaching of Jesus here comes as both gift and challenge. It’s an t he entrusts his name to us. It is also a challenge to remember that we represent him. When we do remember that, we actually help others meet him in us. Matthew 10:40-42

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June 25 – Pentecost 3

Many messages from the world will lead us into a life of fear. The message of the gospel is one of confidence and joy in the love of God in Christ. His love casts out fear to give us life.

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June 18 – Pentecost 2

Jesus shows us the incredible love of God by his crucifixion and resurrection for us, even when we were actively opposed to the ways of God. He gives us peace with God, creating the opportunity of a life of confidence, humility and strength.

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June 11 – Trinity Sunday

At the end or the gospel of Matthew, Jesus gives the church the Great Commission. With all authority on Jesus’ shoulders, we get to join in passing on the fire of God’s love. Matthew 28:16-20

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June 4 – Pentecost Sunday

Guest preacher Rev. James Bullock speaks on the gift of the Holy Spirit to followers of Jesus.  Acts 2:1-21

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May 21 – Easter 6

Paul is set free to honor and respect the good already in the Athenians. He is also free to speak the truth of the risen Jesus, no matter what the reaction. The risen Jesus sets us free to witness to what he has done with gentleness and reverence.  Acts 17:22-34

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May 14 – Everything is New – A New Family

A New Family
The living Jesus invites us into the family relationship of the Holy Trinity. As sisters and brothers of Jesus, we are welcomed into the eternal family of God.  John 14:1-14

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May 7 – Everything is New – A New Way of Life

A New Way of Life. (A circle sermon!)
Jesus, our good shepherd, lives. He continues to speak to his sheep, to guide and lead us. He now gives us a new way of life. It’s no longer a life driven by unhealthy desires or unhealthy relationships. It is centered on his way of life, of listening to him and following where he leads.  John 10:1-10

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April 30 – Everything is New – A New Understanding

A New Understanding.
While Jesus walks the road with the disciples, he opens the scriptures to them, giving them a new (to them) understanding of God, history, and the world. The resurrection of Jesus opens our minds to a new understanding of God, history, the world, even ourselves, so that our hearts burn within us.  Luke 24:13-35

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April 23 – Everything is New

A New Peace
There are cries for peace from all kinds of people all around the world. The resurrection of Jesus gives us a new kind of peace, not like the world can give, rooted in the love of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit.  John 20:19-31

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